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You are asked to read and accept the following terms and conditions of use before using our site: (Hereinafter "site") is provided free of charge and does not maintain databases with any information about our users with the exception of name, e-mail, country, city and number of IP when leaving comments.

You acknowledge that technically it is not possible to achieve a site's availability to 100%. However, the site will strive to keep the website available as constant as possible. Especially for maintenance, security or capacity, as well as by events over which they can influence the site (for example anomalies public communications networks, power outages, etc..) Abnormalities can occur short or temporary suspension site services. Neither the website nor its owners or managers are responsible, in any way for server breakdown, faulty programming etc.. If a user had any disadvantages for server breakdown, faulty programming etc, is not possible to make any claim or recovery of your account status or messages to a state prior to the event.
Any information deemed inaccurate will be removed in the shortest possible time.

No user is entitled to use any actions, mechanism or software in conjunction with the / web sites that may interfere with the function and development of the site. Users can not perform actions that cause unacceptable stress the technical capabilities of the server. Users can not block, overwrite, or modify content that has been generated by a site administrator.

No one is allowed to enter any part of the site with a different program to a web browser.

Neither the website nor its owners or its administrators are responsible for any damage caused by the use of the site.

The website reserves the right to modify or extend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Argentina's legislature is applicable for all legal matters pertaining to the site. In international legal matters, the courts in the jurisdiction of the site are the solely responsible.


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